The NEW Oreo Milkshake

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The NEW Oreo Milkshake

The NEW Oreo milkshake is what dreams are made of! The Cock & Tail Café have outdone themselves once again. This time by introducing their Oreo milkshake which is insanely good #TastyFood #CockTails

If you are anything like me you will agree that you can’t go wrong with anything that has Oreo in it!

Now imagine a LARGE milkshake glass filled with Oreo goodness. One of the best things about this shake is the Oreos to ‘milkshake’ ratio. There are crunchy Oreo bits in each sip (ahem, gulp!). The cream centre of the Oreo adds an extra richness and layer of flavour.

The new Oreo milkshake will give any other of our other drinks and cocktails a run for their money. (I am sure if you ordered it with a tot or two of Amarula or Cape Velvet you will instantly be transported to your happy place).

If you are looking to try something new that comes with a good recommendation go to The Cock & Tail Café and order the new Oreo Milkshake, you will NOT regret it.

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