Steak and Onion Tramazzini Review

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Steak and Onion Tramazzini Review

The South Coast has been hit by a foodie bomb that has left an aftermath of flavour that can be smelled and tasted miles away. The epicenter of impact was The Cock & Tail Café and as a result their foods will blow your mind. Enjoy our Cludd’s Divine & Dine Review.

An amazing meal should not only taste flawless, it should also be able to take you back to a fond memory or to the place of the meal’s origins…

And in the case, The Cock & Tail Café’s Steak and Onion Tramazzini hit both points! This is rare but always an exhilarating experience. So let’s dive into the overall experience.

I have done several food reviews in the past on The Cock & Tail Café and once again they have delivered on their level of service, knowledge ability of their cuisine and most importantly to me – their welcoming attitude!

As I arrive at a restaurant for a dining experience and review, the atmosphere and ambiance is instantaneously set by the frontend manager, servers and barmen. I am always astonished by all three. If I did not know better, I would not be able to identify who is the restaurant owner, as each person I have had the pleasure of dealing with, comes across with a bewildering sense of pride and love for what they are doing. Each person treats the patrons and restaurant as if it was their own. This is a first for me, as I thought I had seen and experienced it all…

With The Cock & Tail Café being positioned on the picturesque Margate beach front, I found myself sitting on their deck getting lost in the near and far breaking waves while enjoying my cocktail. I almost forgot to order my meal!

In the assortment of meal options, I was pleasantly surprised to find ingredients such as avocado and pineapple on the menus as I have found these scrumptious ingredients to only be seasonally available in other regions of South Africa. However, with the Southern Coast line being a luscious tropical paradise, these tasty morsels are available all year round.

As tempting as the other meals sounded, I opted for one of my all-time favourites, the Steak and Onion Tramazzini.

The origins of this triangular piece if deliciousness can be traced back to the Caffè Mulassano di Piazza Castello in Turin where it was devised in 1925. Known and spelt in Italy as Tramazzino.

The Cock & Tail Café’s interpretation of the celebrated Tramazzini does not let its heritage down in any way shape or form.

My order arrived in a satisfactory time period, the Tramazzini was toasted to perfection on Italian Flat bread with grill marks which add an additional depth of flavour. The outsides of the flat bread was crisp and the inside was moist and rich with a slight flavour of melted butter carried throughout.

When I moved the sections of the Tramazzini apart, this allowed the melted strings of mozzarella to glisten in the sun like strands of gold. On the first bite I instantly noticed that a prime cut of quality steak was used. It was tender to the tooth and the essence was enhanced by the marinade used on the steak.

The sweet caramilsed onions added an enjoyable crunch and accompanied the steak and mozzarella well. These ingredients married together to take your taste buds on an adventure to Italy. The Tramazzini was exceptionally well seasoned with aromatic scents of Italian herbs, oregano and ended off with a soft fragrant of sage.

The portion size is generous and the meal is deceivingly filling. If I had to try find something to critic – it would be that the Tramazzini was ever so slightly missing some moisture, but in the same breath, the meal was served with a full flavored mustard sauce for dipping.

On a closing note, I highly recommend you plan to stay longer at The Cock & Tail Café, the food is outstanding and the cocktails are sensational. The views are breath taking and its 100% worth the extra time. I can’t wait to do the next review from The Cock & Tail Café. If the next meal is anything like this one, I am in store for a real treat… again!

If you enjoy spending time with friends and family, or if you are looking to make new friends, then The Cock & Tail Café is the place to be. We offer good food, ice cold drinks and an incredible atmosphere!

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