Spicy Chicken Pizza Review

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Spicy Chicken Pizza Review

Margate has become the epicentre of the gastronomically food revelation that is happening on the KwaZulu-Natal, South Coast.  At the head and setting the pace for the revelation is The Cock & Tail Café who generously invited me to review their exciting menu. Sit back, relax and enjoy this Cludd’s Divine & Dine Review #TastyFood

For myself food is not only a source of nutrients, but more of a journey and exploration of local, foreign, exotic and international flavours. Various cultures and cuisines have their own customs and traditions that need to be appreciated and enjoyed as much as the meal itself. I always encourage my readers to approaches food not solely from a flavour perspective but rather as an entire experience using all of their senses. Having said all of this, I would like to walk you through the journey I had with the Spicy Chicken Pizza…


The Cock & Tail Café from a street side perspective is very well marked and easily identifiable, with the addition of crisp funky neon lighting which blends flawlessly into the evening atmosphere. The exterior is well maintained and kept clean. My overall impression from the outside is always enticing and welcoming.


Located on the main beach front of the ever popular and trendy suburb of Margate, I was spoiled with The Cock & Tail Café being mere steps away from the shore break.


When entering I was welcomed by a front house manager who was well spoken and well-presented. His overall demeanour was very relaxing which put me to ease instantly. He proceeded to offer various seating options such as inside or outside, near one of the sports big screens or even a secluded booth. The variety of options was a welcomed surprise.


My server arrived and introduced himself and presented me with a menu, wine and cocktail list.


Moments later he returned to take my drinks order. I was indecisive on what exactly I wanted, he noticed this and kindly informed me of a brand new drink option that was not even on the menu yet, the OREO MILKSHAKE! I was instantly sold on the drink.


I took in the general expression of other patrons who all seemed very pleased. At no point did I see a patron having to look for the attention of his /her server as they were extremely attentive, yet not intrusive which is no easy to balance.


The décor and design suits their location and cliental. It was not cluttered and not minimalistic – which allowed the structural and layout design to speak for itself. Stylish large framed posters of yester year were eye catching as would service as perfect conversation pieces. The background sounds of pool balls being racked and smacked added to the ambiance.


Mention must be made of their exquisite cocktail bar. Even from a distance I could clearly see exotic spirits, liquors and cocktail mixes. I was thrilled to see some bottle flaring from their talented barman while having a look around. If you get a chance, this is something worth keeping an eye open for.


While browsing through the mouth-watering menu, my servicer came and informed me of the meal specials as well as off menu items. The menu options themselves would have the pickiest of eaters hard pressed not to find a meal they would like.


I settled on the Spicy Chicken Pizza, as I love spicy food and couldn’t help myself!


Before the meal arrived the cutlery was brought out with a few additional condiments. I am OCD when it comes to the cleanliness of condiments and salt and pepper shakers, I was overjoyed to find them all perfectly clean.


As the pizza arrived I was instantly taken back by the visual appeal of the golden edges of the crust and the vibrancy of the pickled jalapeños as well as the shredding moist marinade chicken peeking through the perfectly melted cheddar and mozzarella cheese.


When I closed my eyes and smelt the pizza, the aroma transported me to the finest pizzeria in all of Italy! I could clearly identify the different layers of flavour in the air from the fresh basil infused Napolitano base sauce followed by the most irresistible smoked Hungarian paprika and homemade chilli marinated chicken. This led me to the blistering rich and creamy cheddar and mozzarella with each topping adding to the layers of aroma. Ending off toasted herb fragrances of Oregano, Marjoram, Sage and Rosemary. The smell was enough to have surrounding tables looking over their shoulders to have a glance at this pizza’s perfection.


Served on a custom wooden pizza board which I prefer as the board absorbs the moisture resulting in the perfectly cooked base remaining crisp from the first bite all the way to the last.


The toppings to cheese ratio was faultless. And so was the cook time on the pizza. It could not have been timed more precise. It was visible that the chef was watching this pizza to pull it out at the exact time of perfection, which he had undoubtedly achieved.


The pizza was sensational! If I am to be perfectly honest, it would be the best pizza I have reviewed to date. This pizza tickled each of my senses. Taste, smell, touch, visual and hearing. If you wondering where the hearing aspect was, you would have had to be there to hear me lick my fingers!


On a final note, the pizza really does live up to its name in the spice department. I like my food spicy, but if you are not a huge fan of the heat, simply request fewer or no Jalapeños. My server did advise on ordering that it was a HOT spicy pizza so be warned. On the Cludds Divine & Dine heat ranking, I would put it up with an easy 8/10.


From a pricing perspective, the meal was fairly priced, but if you were to consider service, ambiance and taste into the equation, then it would be a steal!


On a closing note, I honestly have nothing negative to comment on. I can’t wait to do the next review from The Cock & Tail Café. If the next meal is anything like this one, I am in store for a real treat… again!


  • The Cludds Divine & Dine, Umtentweni, KZN.


If you enjoy spending time with friends and family, or if you are looking to make new friends, then The Cock & Tail Café is the place to be. We offer good food, ice cold drinks and an incredible atmosphere!

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