SCRUMPTIOUS BULL Signature Cocktail Review

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SCRUMPTIOUS BULL Signature Cocktail Review

Nothing sums up relaxation for me quite like an ice cold refreshing cocktail. But not just any cocktail, it needs to fire on all sensations that is exactly what the Scrumptious Bull from The Cock & Tail Café did for me. Please enjoy this Cludd’s Divine & Dine Cocktail Review #Cocktail #Review

This mouthwatering taste sensation is the brain child of no other than Neville Storbeck, Manager of The Cock & Tail Café. I suppose it would be fair to see the Scrumptious Bull as his Frankenstein and just like Frankenstein, this creation can also cause chaos! But a chaos of flavour explosions on your pallet!

On dissection of this master piece, three main flavours are apparent which are Jack Daniels, Apple Sourz and Blueberry Red Bull.

Our good old friend Jack Daniels is the life line of the drink, giving it a bold and unique flavor while the Apple Sourz brings in the madness and punch. The Blue Berry Red Bull gives this amazing cocktail it’s heart beat…

This Monster comes served in a draught glass filled with ice and is an extremely easy drinking cocktail. The flavour cannot be compared to anything else as this truly is a unique signature drink to The Cock & Tail Café.

As with all cocktails, if you are not cautious – this one will have you dancing on the table before you know it!

I would HIGHLY recommend you try it!

The Scrumptious Bull is an all-round winning cocktail that delivers uniqueness, depth of flavour and most of all the wow factor!

  • The Cludds Divine & Dine, Umtentweni, KZN.

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