Ribs ‘N Wings Combo Basket Review

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Ribs ‘N Wings Combo Basket Review

Margate has slowly been gaining a reputation as a bastion of food innovation. The Cock & Tail Café’s Ribs ‘N Wings Combo Basket Review is just a taste of what to expect! 

I have been dining at some of Margate’s best-kept secrets for many years now, and I must say it’s quite an experience dining at The Cock & Tail Café. This so-called food revolution happening in South Africa has seen many of the country’s best new restaurants sprouting like mushrooms in this lush valley. 

For those of you searching for a culinary experience, look no further than The Cock & Tail Cafe. Nestled in the hub of Margate which is the trendiest suburb on the Hibiscus South Coast.

The restaurant is located on the beach front of the ever popular Margate Main Beach which is very convenient and easy to find. There is also ample safe street parking, you can’t miss it. No reservation is needed but I would suggest that if you are looking for a specific table or wanting to book during in-peek holiday seasons.

On arrival you are warmly greeted and lead to your already and conveniently set table. Shortly their after your server arrives and introduces them self, and kindly askes if you need any refreshments.

You are instantly taken back by the exquisite interior which has a throwback feel that takes you to the 1920s. This was one, if not the most stylish and sheek eras to date. The decor enhances this feel with stunning artwork of famous stars from the era, such as Marilyn Monroe and Charlie Chaplin. The layout offers exceptional views of lavish green palm trees, as well as the surf and sand which gives a tropical paradise island feel. The seating arrangement is faultless. There are large seating options for big groups, as well as small and intimate options for others. The décor does not detract from the food, it actually allows it to shine.

Their extraordinary cocktail bar adds to the overall ambiance of the restaurant. I felt at ease with the dress code in this setting, as it is very relaxed and comfortable due to being located meters from the beach.

They have a well put together menu designed with a variety of different patrons and flavours in mind. There is a meal option for even the pickiest of eaters.

Before choosing my meal I asked the server a few questions on different meal options. She was incredibly knowledgeable on the various meals and their ingredients. Being very astute and confident when she spoke, which gave me a sense of comfort.

I decided to treat my already salivating palate to the renowned The Cock & Tail Café Ribs ‘N Wings Combo Basket served on a bed of French Fries. Which is essentially chicken wings (Buffalo wings), Short Bone Pork Spare Ribs and thinly cut fries. This is served with a choice of two in-house made sauces as the meal name suggests.

I chose to deconstruct the basket to get a good flavour of each component on its own.

The Chicken wings were out of this world! They could not have been cooked better! The meat was extremely succulent with a wonderful crisp skin that was seasoned to perfection. It had a fantastic aroma of fresh spices that gave a ‘Cock & Tail Café flavour’ to the meal.

For the part I was most excited for, the Spare Ribs! They were basted in an authentic rib sticky sauce. I could taste the sweet molasses and smoky flavour in each bite. The meat was fall off the bone tender and the grill imparted an additional layer of flavour. These ribs were cooked to perfection. They truly where mouth-watering. I could eat them all day, every day.

Now, the fries were dusted in the same spice blend that was used on the chicken wings, which was great as it added the element of consistency through the meal. Being remarkably crispy on the outside as well as light and fluffy on the inside. I was very pleased that the fries where not oily as they sometimes can be at other establishments.

The two accompanying sauces I chose was their Mozambique Peri-Peri and a Honey and Mustard sauce. Both were made in house which I appreciate and had a very pleasant consistency with a perfect balance between sweet, salty, sour and spicy. I would definitely recommend these sauces to accompany the baskets as their flavours marries perfectly with the meal.

The presentation was equality as impressive as the meal, it was a feast for my eyes! Literally! This meal was intended to be eaten with your hands and I suggest you do so! It adds to the overall experience. However, should you choose to eat it with a knife and fork, you will not be disappointed.

From a pricing perspective, the meal was well priced for the burst of flavours received. You will battel to find the same quality and flavour of food at that same price elsewhere. This I can assure you!

On a closing note, I honestly have nothing negative to comment on. I can’t wait to do the next review from The Cock & Tail Café. If the next meal is anything like this one, I am in store for a real treat… again!

 – The Cludds Divine & Dine, Umtentweni, KZN.

If you enjoy spending time with friends and family, or if you are looking to make new friends, then The Cock & Tail Café is the place to be. We offer good food, ice cold drinks and an incredible atmosphere!

For more information on our mouthwatering meals and unbelievable cocktails, contact us www.cockntail.co.za | (039) 312-2383 | info@cockntail.co.za

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