Pouring a cocktail

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Pouring a cocktail

Pouring a cocktail can be a lot of fun, but be sure not to practice around friends as they won’t let you live down your first few fails #WeeklyBUZZ

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What you’ll do:

Chill your serving glass. You can store it for a short time in the freezer or a longer time in the fridge, or you can fill it with a mix of ice and water and set aside for 5 minutes.

Measure and pour your ingredients into the mixing glass, without ice. This is really a matter of personal style, to be frank. I prefer to pour the ingredients without the ice because it helps me to watch what I’m doing, so I don’t over- or underpour one or more ingredients. Also, if I’m mixing in front of a guest, it makes it easier for them to see the cocktail being built in the glass.

Add ice to mixing glass. I usually fill the glass to between two thirds and three quarters full of ice. The size of the ice does not matter much here. But keep this in mind: If you’re using large chunks or cubes, you’ll need to shake longer to break up the ice and achieve proper chilling and dilution. Smaller ice requires a shorter shake.

Place the mixing tin over the top of the glass. Using the heel of your hand, tap sharply against the base of the tin to seal the shaker. If you’ve sealed it properly, you should be able to pick the entire shaker up from your counter or table just by lifting the tin.

Hold the glass away from your guests, in your dominant hand over your shoulder. If anything leaks from the shaker, it will leak away from your guests and behind you instead of spraying your guests in the face.

Shake vigorously for at least 15 seconds. You want to break up the ice and mix everything thoroughly. A short, wimpy shake will not achieve this. You don’t need to go crazy, though. You should hear the ice rattling around in the shaker, striking the sides, top, and bottom. Let the shaker tell you how vigorous is vigorous enough.

Holding the mixing tin in your non-dominant hand, with the glass pointing toward the ceiling, tap the heel of your dominant hand against the mixing tin to break the shaker open.

Remove the mixing glass from the tin and set aside, leaving the cocktail and ice in the tin. Meanwhile, dump icewater (if using) from the serving glass. Strain shaken cocktail into serving glass. Garnish appropriately.

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