Port Edward Space Centre

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Port Edward Space Centre

The South Coast is not only known for its out of this world cocktails from the The Cock & Tail Café but also for the Port Edward Space Centre #MargateAttractions

Either before or after you have some amazing drinks and snacks at The Cock & Tail Café head out to the Port Edward Space Centre, it is an attraction that is well worth the visit

Owned and operated by Graham Geary, son of former director of the Johannesburg Planetarium Thomas Geary.

The Space Centre boasts an astronomical museum exhibiting a huge private collection of telescopes, books and astronomical photographs, as well as lasers and an observatory and a small planetarium which seats about 80 people.

An average of 150 presentations are presented to the general public and scholars every year. The Space Centre also hosts astronomy meetings as well as lectures by visiting astronomers, viewing evenings and occassionaly special presentations and films. Meals and refreshments are available, and self-catering informal social evenings are regularly hosted there too.

For the technical fundies out there, The Space Centre has two 10-inch Meade telescopes, two 5-inch refractors, 8- and 6-inch reflectors and plenty more. Size is apparently an important consideration when discussing telescopes.

During holiday seasons the Space Centre is open daily, however we would highly recommend that if you’d like to visit the Centre, that you phone Graham directly and book a time specifically to avoid disappointment.

For more information please contact Graham Geary 073 1969694 email gg@space-centre.co.za

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