Hitler Signature Cocktail Review

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Hitler Signature Cocktail Review

They say Real men don’t drink pink drinks but trust me, you need to be a real man to take on the Hitler Signature Cocktail. Please enjoy this Cludd’s Divine & Dine Cocktail Review.

Let’s first take a look at what makes this bad boy so good. A generous helping of four white spirits, shaken with Butlers Triple Sec Liqueur, Cherry Sours and freshly squeezed lemon. Served long and charged with lemonade with a float of Stroh rum.

From the Hitler’s impressive (but intimidating) ingredients list, you know this drink is going to be brutal. But by some kind of miracle of mixology, it surprisingly tastes very mellow. Don’t get me wrong, you know you are drinking a boss of a cocktail, but it is not overwhelmed by an alcohol flavour. There is a good balance between sweet and sour which is bonus, because after a few of these you are not going to have any balance of your own LOL. The Hitler is an exciting cocktail that will always have you going back for more.

On a closing note, the Hitler is visually as stunning as it is invigorating on the taste buds. This cocktails is well worth adding to your ‘cocktail bucket list’The Cludds Divine & Dine, Umtentweni, KZN.

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