Drinking games to play during a game of pool

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Drinking games to play during a game of pool

Pool tables are staples of any bar or night time hangout, so it only makes sense that there would be a few variations of drinking games to play during a game of pool!

Doubles or one on one, hustler or novice. No one can walk away from a pool table challenge, especially not if it involves one of these drinking games. So drink lots of water in between and choose beer over spirits because this is not for the faint hearted.

  1. Play a regular game of pool as you normally would with your friends. Each player must have their own drink. Note you may have to drink your partner’s drink so have something that your partner will enjoy too! Just add these rules for drinking depending on what happens:
  • Teams chug for break. The team of the first person to finish gets to break.
  • If player makes a ball, both members of the opposing team take a drink.
  • If player misses a ball, his/her team drinks.
  • For each ball made in a row, the opposing team has to take that many drinks. So if you made your 2nd ball in a row, opposing team has to take 2 drinks. For your third ball in a row the opposing team takes 3 drinks, and so on.
  • If player commits any foul, opposing team is awarded Ball-In-Hand (they get to place the cue ball wherever they want) and your team has to take a drink.
  • Losing team must chug the rest of their drinks and refill the winning team.
  • Time out will be called for any player to refill his/her drink, however since you are a team your partner must also finish their drink so you can refill together.
  1. Finally a game for the billiards player. A challenging game with a High buzz factor.solid
  • This game is a variant on just plain 8 ball. However, the set up is quite different. All of the solid balls are placed in a cluster over the dot. The set up should look something like this: (The 8 ball is over the dot)


1    8    2

3    6    4



  • Meanwhile, the stripes are placed along the side rails, two balls 1/4 of the way from the side pockets, two more half way, two more 3/4 of the way, and one cantered between the two corner pockets on the end.


|                                          |

|                                          |

|                                          |       * = striped ball

(                                            )

|*                                      *|       X = collection of solids

|*                   X                *|

|*                   *                 *|


  • If a player sinks a solid ball, the player gets to give out the number of the ball in healthy swigs of beer. If a player sinks a stripe, the player must drink the number of the ball. In the event of a scratch, the player must finish his/her drink. When all of the stripes have been sunk, the game is over. Until that point, whenever there is only one solid left on the table, all the other solids are placed on the table with the five position deleted.
  1. Deadball 9 Hole Course (2-8 players 1-4 balls each)
  • Players take turns, one roll each turn
  • Closest ball to the cue is awarded a pointif player has more than one ball closest, they are awarded points for each closest ball

Deadball – anyball that comes in contact with the 8 ball, goes into a pocket or fails to comply with the ‘holes’ stipulation(s) – deadballs cannot be awarded points If you get a deadball, no matter how(is: someone’s ball hit’s yours making in a deadball) you drink

  • If the 8 ball goes into any pocket, then all players take a drink
  • If the cue ball goes into any pocket, then you continue play for closest lay without deadball.
  • If a live ball is touching the cue ball after all throws on a ‘hole’ the thrower of that ball takes a drink/shot and is awarded a bonus point
  • 2 obstacles on table besides 8 ball are unopened beer cans/bottles
  • If obstacle is knocked over, player must drink and replace the beer immediately (chug, shotgun, funnel, etc.)

Q = Cue Ball                  X = 8 Ball                     O = Beer                      [] = Start Point

There are many ways of using a pool table to come up with drinking games. We hope these few options serve your next night out on the town well, comment or share some of your favourite pool table drinking games with us on social media!

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