Chicken and Fillet Kebabs Review

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Chicken and Fillet Kebabs Review

The Chicken and fillet kebabs review has been one of my favourites to date. I really hope you enjoy reading this Cludd’s Divine & Dine Review as much as I enjoyed writing it #TastyFood

On arrival at The Cock & Tail Café I was greeted by Neville Storbeck (the general manager) which instantly created a warm and welcoming environment. Not that it was needed as The Cock & Tail Café was buzzing with patrons.

The restaurant was alive with laughter and banter from guests who were clearly enjoying themselves.

I am a big believer in the saying that variety is a spice of life! So with that in mind I opted to order from the combo basket section. It was a very hard choice as all of the options sounded insanely good!

I selected the Chicken and Fillet Kebabs Combo which consisted of two chicken and two fillet kebabs along with two sauces and chips.

As the basket arrived I knew I had made the right choice. The marinade on the kebabs was glistening in the sun and the plump, juicy veggies that where skewered between the perfectly grilled meat was screaming to be devoured…

I decided to tackle this skewer by skewer. First up was the chicken.

Try to visualize this… succulent, moist chicken cubes skewered between pieces of roasted red and green pepper with the occasional sweet caramelized onion sneaking in. Each component was cooked and season to perfection and could be served on its own. But, if you are anything like me – you manage to get a little bit of everything in one bite, it is pure bliss. The flavour sensation was out of this world. Grilled crispy chicken, sweet caramelized onion and smokey peppers all brought together with a marinade that carried a depth of flavour that is rich in herbs and spices.

The Fillet skewer was done with the same vegetables but they delivered on an entirely different flavour profile. A good wine can influence the taste of a good steak. This fillet has the same effect on veggies. All the flavours melted together and stood strong in their own right.

The temperature on the fillet was exactly too my liking. A perfect medium (which I asked for). I applauded the chef on his approaching to cooking the fillet, the meat was not over complicated and had a kiss of salt, paper and olive oil. It takes a confident chef to allow a high quality product like fillet to speak for itself.

Both the fillet and chicken where tender beyond belief and seasoned to perfection. Ask for an extra serviette because these skewers are juicy!

The portion size is extremely generous especially if you factor in the bed of fluffy chips that the skewers are served on.

On a closing note, this is textbook finger food and can be enjoyed on your own or shared with friends and family.

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