Cheezy Garlic Foot-Long Review

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Cheezy Garlic Foot-Long Review

I decided to do a review on the much loved Cheezy Garlic Foot-Long. It sounds like a fairly basic starter choice, but if done correctly, each bite can be life changing! Boy did The Cock & Tail Café do it right! We hope you enjoy this Cludd’s Divine & Dine Food Review #TastyFood

One thing I have come to learn over the years of doing food reviews, it that the biggest surprises come from the least excepted choices. If Confucius (Chinese profit) was a food reviewer, I am sure he would say ‘never judge a meal on a past experience’. That is the philosophy I had to embrace with this review as I have eaten millions of garlic rolls in the past. So I cleared my mind to allow The Cock & Tail Café to take me on a taste journey.

For you to fully appreciate this review, I have deconstructed certain elements of the meal. Don’t worry, I to put them all back together…

This master piece arrived wrapped in foil, baked and served to me on a wooded board.

As I tore open the foil, there was many strings of glistening melted cheesy goodness. The flesh of the roll had absorbed the garlic butter and the extra cheese had melted into the air pockets.

This may have been one of the most beautiful things I had seen in ages. Ok maybe that’s a bit much, but it was still a spectacular sight. The overflow of garlic butter and melted cheese also formed a sauce on the sides of the roll that I kept going back for.

To start, there was a foot-long roll, not just any foot-long, it was a Sesame roll. The bake on the roll was exquisite! Perfectly golden brown with a crisp outer crust. The flesh inside was light and fluffy with plenty air pockets for the cheese to melt and ooze into. The Sesame seeds where the surprise for me as they imparted a deep nutty flavour into the roll.

The garlic butter, right off the bat without even tasting, was clear to me that it was NOT a store bought product but instead a in-house made one. To me this says a lot about a restaurant, not because it is necessarily a hard thing to make, but because they took the time to make it. The butter was infused with fleshly chopped Thyme, garlic and Oregano.

A generous portion of cheese was added into each vertical slice of the roll.

The cheese used was a sharp mature cheddar. It was a perfect marriage to the garlic butter as neither over powered each other. Slices of cheddar was then inserted alongside the garlic butter and the whole roll sprinkled with grated cheddar goodness.

So to reconstruct and sum it up.

An insanely well baked Sesame Roll + in-house made garlic and herb butter + an awesome amount of mature cheddar all wrapped in foil and baked =  THE AMAZING Cock & Tail Café Cheezy Garlic Foot-Long.

It is an extremely generous portion and could be shared between two people as a small starter. But take my word, you will not want to share this with anyone.

As for value for money… I don’t think you will get better!

On a closing note, I highly recommend you stop reading this night now, get in your car, drive to The Cock & Tail Café, and order yourself a Cheezy Garlic Foot-Long. No more can be said.

I can’t wait to do the next review from The Cock & Tail Café!

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