Celebrity cocktails

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Celebrity cocktails

The top celebrity cocktails & how to make them!

What do you get when you mix glamour girls, bad boys, musical icons, and booze? You could either get your next major headline or a fabulous cocktail that can jumpstart any party. While we love juicy gossip, the highly secretive 5-star drinks savored by the rich and famous have been rarely revealed…until now. We’ve chatted with top mixologists, discovered celebrity-studded restaurants, and even dug up guarded recipes from the stars themselves just so we can have a taste of the top drinks that are making the rounds at A-list bashes. If you haven’t been invited to any Hollywood soirées lately or can’t afford to make reservations to a celeb’s hideaway, don’t worry because we’re ready to quench your thirst for all things famous and delicious. Here are our top celebrity cocktails that are guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits.



Celebrity Inspiration: Ne-Yo

Just like the name of this drink, Ne-Yo’s musical talents can’t be denied, making him sought after by celebrities wanting to release their next big hit. As a singer, Ne-Yo topped Billboard charts with R&B songs, like “Closer” and “Miss Independent.” As a songwriter, he has collaborated with divas, including RihannaWhitney Houston, and Beyonce Knowles. Ne-Yo is able to wear many hats in the music industry, so it comes as no surprise that he likes his drinks to be just as diverse. Combining his favorite spirits, Hennessey and TY KU Premium Liquor, Ne-Yo created The Godzilla. Fellow celebrities Jamie Foxx and Ludacris have been spotted sipping The Godzilla, in hopes of looking just as debonair as Ne-Yo. For a smooth drink that contains aphrodisiacs, The Godzilla is the best choice to make any guy feel like a gentleman.

TY KU Premium Liqueur
Orange peel

Combine equal parts of TY KU liqueur and Hennessey. Serve over ice with an orange peel for garnish.


Celebrity Inspiration: Marilyn Monroe

The famous ’50’s blonde bombshell who made men go “mmm” was famous for many things: her platinum locks, hourglass figure, and her love for French bubbly. It’s been reported that Marilyn Monroe would drink a glass of champagne every morning to wake up her body and even used up to 350 bottles just to bathe! Her biographer George Barris once stated that Monroe drank and breathed champagne “as if it were oxygen,” making a champagne cocktail perfect for any fan. The Marilyn is sweet, luscious, and sparkly, with a hint of a rosy red hue that pays tribute to her seductive lips. Just like the famous actress, The Marilyn is a classic that never goes out of style.

4 oz Champagne
1 oz Apple brandy
1 tsp Grenadine Syrup
Ripe or maraschino cherries

Pour all ingredients into a champagne saucer. Serve with two cherries on a stick


Celebrity Inspiration: Megan Fox

People may coin actress Megan Fox as “the poor man’s Angelina Jolie,” but this 22-year-old sexpot easily captures the hearts of every man with her curvaceous figure, long dark hair, angelic blue eyes, and pouty lips. From her unapologetic confession to falling for a female stripper at age 18, to claiming that she has the libido of a 15-year-old boy, it’s no wonder that actors Zac EfronRobert Pattinson, and co-star Shia LaBeouf have all reportedly fallen for this sexy tattooed rebel. Fox, a fan of mixed drinks, loved the First Class cocktail featured at Jamie Lynn Sigler’s jewelry launch party in Los Angeles. Succulent, but with an unexpected punch, First Class matches Fox with a look and taste that will rub any man (or woman) the right way.

1 1/4 oz Vodka (We used JETT)
1 oz Domaine Canton Liquor
1/2 oz Agave nectar
1 Strawberry
1/2 oz Fresh lime juice
4 Basil leaves

In a mixing tin, muddle the strawberry with the agave nectar. Add ice and the rest of the ingredients. Shake very well and strain into an ice filled double old fashioned glass. Garnish with a strawberry.


Celebrity Inspiration: Lindsay Lohan

With actress Lindsay Lohan’s numerous DUIs and escapades involving alcohol, the last thing we want to do is create a cocktail that pays tribute to drinking and driving! However, that doesn’t mean that the red-headed starlet can’t have some fun, especially with girlfriend DJ Samantha Ronson headlining some of the most popular nightclubs across the country. Bartender Natalie Bovis-Nelsen created a specialized nonalcoholic beverage in honor of Lindsay’s 21st birthday when she was post-rehab. Unlike Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, Lindsay continues to get in trouble, so perhaps she may want to sip on this juicy number that’s coke-free.

2 oz Guava nectar
1 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
½ oz Blood orange bitters
½ oz Orange-flavored sparkling water
Sugar (For rim)
Lime wheel

Shake nectar, lime juice, bitters and sparkling water with ice. Strain into chilled, sugar-rimmed champagne flute. Garnish with lime.


Celebrity Inspiration: Elvis Presley

When it came to fine dining Elvis Presley ate like a king, but one dish he couldn’t get enough of was fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Therefore, what better way to honor the blue-eyed rock ‘n’ roll icon than with a Graceland, a creamy cocktail prepared with peanut butter liqueur and bananas? Served in Las Vegas’ BOA Steakhouse, many celebrities, such as Amy AdamsDane Cook, and the Kardashian sisters have had their share of grub at this Sin City spot and perhaps they made the trip for a taste of Graceland. Sip this velvety drink and you too won’t be thirsty tonight.

1 oz Peanut Liquor
1 oz Banana Liquor
3/4 oz Frangelico Liquor
1 oz Cream
½ Muddled banana

Mix all ingredients and serve in a rocks glass with a banana chip.


Celebrity Inspiration: Tiger Woods

Many may recognize Tiger Woods as the best American golfer, but not too many people know that he was named after a soldier that saved his father’s life in Vietnam. What would the world be without Woods? Certainly the Thai-ger Woods wouldn’t exist, an elixir that pays tribute to his Thai heritage and his long, straight drives. Served at Manhattan’s Faces & Names Lounge & Bar, the ginger-infused drink can make anyone feel like a star athlete without being one.

2 1/3 Shots Mekhong-The Spirit of Thailand
1/2 Shot Fresh squeezed lime juice
Ginger Beer (or Ginger Ale)
1 Dash of Angostura Bitters
3 Golf ball-size lime wheels

Pour Mekhong and lime juice into a long tall Collins Glass. Add ice and lime wheels. Cover with a shaker tin and shake briefly. Top off with ginger beer and add bitters. Serve with a straw.


Celebrity Inspiration: Dita Von Teese

Renowned worldwide for her breathtaking performances, chic vintage couture, and yesteryear beauty, Dita Von Teese is undoubtedly the international queen of burlesque who managed to shimmy her way into Marilyn Manson‘s heart. While her marriage to the devil himself didn’t last, Von Teese has successfully made a name for herself as a modern pinup bombshell. She was chosen to be the global brand ambassador to Cointreau Liquer, one of the most famous clear crystals in the world that seduces patrons with a subtle, sweet taste of orange peels. While Cointreau is often found in cosmopolitans and margaritas, Von Teese has created a signature cocktail that’s ideal to consume while watching classic films of femme fatales.

1 ½ oz. Cointreau
¾ oz. Apple juice
½ oz. Monin violet syrup
½ oz. Fresh lemon juice

Combine all ingredients in cocktail shaker over ice and shake. Strain and pour into a martini glass. Frost ginger around the rim of the glass & garnish with a violet.


Celebrity Inspiration: Adriana Lima

If you’re looking for a fresh, classic Brazilian beauty that’s a little rough around the edges, consider Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, or in our case, the Lima Fresca. As its cocktail inspiration, Lima is from the lush rainforests of Brazil, loves boxing, and prefers the traditional caipirinha with lemon instead of lime. The Lima Fresca, made by mixologist Pablo Moix, contains fresh ingredients, like lime and lemon, but also features condensed milk and freshly grated cinnamon, while also being delicious and irresistible to look at…are we talking about Lima again?

2 oz. Leblon Cachaça
1 Orange slice
1 Lime wedge
1 Lemon wedge
2 Pineapple chunks
8-10 Mint leaves
3/4 oz. Simple syrup
1/2 oz. Sweetened Condensed milk
1 Cinnamon stick

In a pint glass muddle pineapple, orange, lemon, lime and mint. Add Leblon Cachaça, condensed milk, and simple syrup. Add ice and shake vigorously for 6 sec. Strain over fresh ice in an Old Fashioned glass. Crown glass with crushed ice. Top with sweetened condensed milk and micro plain fresh cinnamon on top. Garnish mint sprig.


Celebrity Inspiration: Halle Berry

The Bazaar, a 4-star restaurant in Los Angeles, serves residents decadent dinners, unforgettable desserts, and a signature drink that pays homage to Halle Berry, a heart-stopping Oscar winner. The Bazaar’s Bar Centro showcases the Jale Berry, a playful drink that consists of blackberries, gin, Cointreau, and even a sliced jalapeño. Thanks to The Jale Berry, anyone can enjoy a fiery refreshment that commemorates a starlet with a body that would make anyone eat their fruits and vegetables.

1 Slice jalapeño
7 Blackberries
2 oz Gin
¼ oz Cointreau
¾ oz Lime juice
¾ oz Simple syrup
1 Twist of lemon

Muddle the jalapeño and the berries in a pint glass. Add the gin, Cointreau, lime juice, simple syrup and ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Squeeze the twist over the glass to release lemon oils into the cocktail. Garnish with the twist.


Celebrity Inspiration: George Clooney

On returning to the Hotel Cipriani after a special screening of his new film Good Night, Good Luck at the 62nd Venice Film Festival, actor George Clooney asked his old friend and head barman of the hotel’s Gabbiano Bar, Walter Bolzonella, to mix him a cocktail. Bolzonella concocted a refreshing blend of lemons, ginger, sugar, and vodka, which he christened “Buona Notte” in honor of the film which Clooney directed and stared in. The cocktail became an instant hit, especially with Clooney himself, who enjoyed more than one with his friends that evening. Today, the Buona Notte is one of the top drinks prepared at Hotel Cipriani, and while some may find its $25 price steep, the cocktail can be made at home, while admiring Clooney’s magnificent figure, making any night a good one.

½ Unpeeled lemon, diced into small pieces
1 tsp Cane sugar
1 Cucumber peel strip
1 Ginger round
3-4 Drops of angostura
50g Vodka
50g Cranberry juice

Mix lemon, sugar, cucumber peel, ginger, and angostura in an old fashion cocktail glass. Then add vodka and cranberry juice. Complete with ice flakes and serve with a straw.


Celebrity Inspiration: Eva Longoria Parker

Eva Longoria Parker isn’t your typical housewife. Not only is she a famous actress who has admitted to show her husband Tony Parker how to really touch a woman in the bedroom, but she also owns Beso, a successful Latin-infused restaurant that attracts both socialites and everyday residents in LA. To honor her heritage, Parker asked Hornitos Tequila to help celebrate the opening of Beso by preparing specialty cocktails that one doesn’t need to head to Acapulco for. Forget shots, which can be found in any bar. Instead, enjoy the dreamy Tequila Spa from Beso that, like Parker, is short, yet so gorgeous that you’re mesmerized for hours. If you’re able to have more than one Tequila Spa, you just might be brave enough to pucker your lips and kiss that special beau without feeling desperate.

1.75 oz Tequila (We used Herradura Silver)
1 oz Simple syrup
4 Red grapes
2 Lime wedges
1 Lemon wedge
2 Cucumber slices for garnish

Muddle all ingredients together, add ice, shake and garnish with cucumber slices.

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