Blind Golf in South Africa

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Blind Golf in South Africa

Blind Golf in South Africa shows the will and determination of people who are visually impaired. This proves that anything can be achieved, regardless of a disability #Golfing101

Golfing is a sport that can be enjoyed by everyone, including the visually impaired!

This is not a sport you see or hear of often, but blind golf has been around since the 1950s. Although played on a small scale, it is growing in South Africa.

Ernst Conradie plays off a 30 handicap, but he is blind.

There are three categories of blind golfers, B1, B2 and B3 which are determined by an individual’s level of sight.

Blind Golf Player, Ernest Conradie said, “B1 is totally blind B2 is what you can see on a 100 meters and a B3 is up to 10 metres so there’s three categories of blindness.”

“Equipment is normal golf equipment that we using. We just have a GPS that we can use called the golf buddy and that will give us the distance not the direction but the distance.”

A blind player relies a lot more on his caddy and the only rule adjusted for them on the course is the action in the bunker.

“The only rule that’s different is in the sand where we can put our club on the sand and the normal golfers cant. You can’t read the greens properly so you have a guide or your caddy that helps you a lot like distance you can’t see where the flag is so you depend on your caddy allot,” said Conradie.

In the hope of increasing participation in the sport, golf development academies have been setup at a few blind schools across the country.

“Pioneer School, Philadelphia School and we’ve also got the institute for blind in Worcester.”

“There’s not a lot of blind sport in South Africa and we want to get the kids out in the open as well and also to come and play golf,” added Conradie.

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