5 Most Unique Bars Around the World

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So you think you have see it all, well think again… Watch this video for the 5 Most Unique Bars Around the World. The best part of all is one of them are in South Africa #WeeklyBUZZ

Here are the 5 of the most unique bars from around the world that you need to go visit!

Clinic in Singapore is a bar modeled after yes, a hospital. The seats are wheelchairs and the dishware is hospital code. To top it off, drinks are served in IV bags and test tubes. Just make sure not to drink too much or real medicine will actually be in those IV bags instead.


The Red Sea Star Bar in Israel is located in you guessed it, the Red Sea. The underwater bar allows for guests to have the unique experience to dine with fish, sharks and other underwater creatures. This bar really takes a whole new meaning to the Little Mermaid song, “Under the Sea.”


The Sunland Pub in South Africa calls a 6,000 year old Baobab (bae-o-bab) tree home. The tree is hollowed out so guests can enjoy a drink with nature, literally. If you think a tree house is cool, imagine sipping on a cocktail in a giant tree trunk!


Vytopna Railway Restaurant in the Czech Republic uses a unique delivery method: model trains. The train tracks run their way throughout the bar to deliver drinks and food to its customers. What a creative way to give people one way tickets to the drunk express. All abooooard!


Madame Claude’s in Berlin likes to play tricks on its patrons before they even start drinking. The bar features furniture glued to the ceiling to fool people in thinking they are actually upside down. I can’t imagine how weird this would feel sober, but after a few drinks I think I would start freaking myself and others out.

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