20 refreshing Mocktail recipes

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20 refreshing Mocktail recipes

Here is a list of 20 refreshing Mocktail recipes. You know what they say, a Mocktial a day keeps the hangover away! #CockTails

Every now and then it’s nice to throw a mocktail into the mix. The Cock & Tail Café offer a few options for anyone who prefers an alcohol free drink. Here is a list of 20 quick and easy mocktails you can make at home to impress your friends. But if you really want to impress your friends, bring them to The Cock & Tail Café for a professionally made signature mocktail or cocktail.

Click on the drinks name for the full recipe:

  • Arnold PalmerThis is a yellow drink containing same quantities of iced tea and lemonade mixed in a Collins glass containing ice. Decoration can be done with sprig of mint and lemon ring on the glass top.
  • Baby BelliniThis wondrous mocktail looks quite like champagne and contains peach nectar and chilled sparkling cider. Champagne flute must be chosen for serving this drink with a piece of ice cube on the glass.
  • Banana SmoothieThis frothy smoothie mix has cream color. It contains 2 sliced bananas, vanilla yogurt, ice cubes, vanilla extract and honey. Serving in a cordial glass with a red cherry on top makes it look extra special.
  • Autumnal TemptationsA classy mocktail served in a Collins glass with topping of Lavender soda for extra punch. The drink looks fabulous and contains apricot nectar, agave nectar and grapefruit juice.
  • Orange JuliusThis can be served on hurricane glass containing fresh orange juice, milk, sugar, vanilla extract and vanilla ice cream.
  • PussyfootA wondrous colorful drink containing lime juice, lemon juice, orange juice, egg yolk and sparkling water on top. Serve it in a Collins glass with an orange slice tucked on the glass top.
  • Soda Shop ColaThis drink contains cherry juice, vanilla extract and cola. High ball glass is perfect to serve it with a lemon wedge on top.
  • Virgin Miami ViceA beautiful mocktail having pineapple juice, coconut cream, strawberry puree, lime juice, ice and syrup. Serving is done in a Highball glass with a strawberry on top.
  • Berry Patch: This amazing non alcoholic soothing drink comprises of a mixture of berries like raspberries,strawberries and blueberries with milk and vanilla extract. Serve in a Collins glass with fresh berries on top.
  • CinderellaAnother refreshing non alcoholic drink comprising of lemon juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, ginger ale and grenadine. Served in chilled cocktail glass with orange slices and pineapple cubes on top.
  • Coco ColadaSimple mocktail with coconut cream and pineapple juice in a chilled Hurricane glass with orange slice on top.
  • Green Grape Glacier: Very simple mocktail with seedless green grapes, sparkling water and white grape juice served in a Highball glass with chilled grapes on top.
  • Spring Fever: Utterly simple drink containing lemon juice, mango syrup, apple juice and blood orange juice in Cocktail glass half filled with crushed ice.
  • Sundowner: Mixture of white grape juice and sparkling water in a stemed white wine glass with a sprig of mint on top.
  • Sweet Sunrise: Wonderfully refreshing containing only orange juice and grenadine in highball glass with an orange slice on top.
  • Twilight Dove: Great colored mocktail having cranberry juice, agave nectar, grape juice finished with lavender soda in a chilled cocktail glass.
  • Vienna Soother: Highly refreshing beverage served in old fashioned glass comprising of coffee, cream, chocolate syrup and cinnamon.
  • Hot Not Noddy: Hot tea, honey, lemon juice, sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg powder and a pinch of clove powder containing drink served in an Irish coffee glass with a lemon wedge on top.
  • LemonadeAll time favorite drink served in a cocktail shaker comprising of distilled water, fresh juice from lemon and simple syrup with a lemon wedge on top.
  • Virgin Mary: Red drink having tomato juice, lemon juice, Worchester sauce, celery salt, hot pepper, Tabasco sauce with a celery stalk on top served in a Highball glass with ice.

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