12 most expensive golf clubs on the market

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12 most expensive golf clubs on the market

Have you ever wondered how much you would have to pay for designer golf clubs? This takes the saying ‘a rich man’s sport’ to a new level. Click the link for the 12 most expensive golf clubs on the market #Golfing101

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Ryoma Beyond Power Maxima Driver—R20 500
The clubhead is designed for high launch and low spin through a forged cup face and super thin outer walls, but the shaft is the story here. As the Beyond Power tag suggests, the shaft has multiple kick points that can add 3 mph to your swing, according to Ryoma. The driver features several head/shaft combos, including the Special Tuning head—so hot that it doesn’t conform to USGA/R&A regulations.

Yururi Satin Tataki Blades by Okamura—$R19 000
Not for the faint of heart (or faint of solid contact), this minimalistic forged blade features a plated satin finish and a super thin top line. With such a compact, thin club, the ultimate goal here is feel, spin control and workability—not forgiveness.

NUD Ghibli Knight Driver—R8 400
Available in both conforming and non-conforming models, the NUD Ghibli Knight driver is designed for low spin and medium flight and features a heat-treated forged titanium cup face. Weight ports allow adjustments to the CG for trajectory control in addition to draw or fade bias. The all-black head is sleek, to say the least.

Gold’s Factory Tiger Woods Tribute Putter—R15 200
Tiger Woods sprinted to the top of the golf world wielding a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS. Gold’s Factory has created a similar model out of high-quality Japanese steel, complete with the same triple-level sole and similar engravings to TW’s. The 34-inch putter is available in six translucent paint-fill colors.

Roddio by Zodia MB 2015—R53 000
Ever see a set like this before? Neither have we. The very rare 2015 Roddio MBs are forged custom ground in Japan, made specifically for supreme ball strikers with exquisite taste.

TaylorMade 2015 Gloire Driver—R11 200
Designed to enhance both distance and stability, the latest iteration of TaylorMade’s Gloire is made for the better players and features a forged face and a more advanced version of the company’s speed pocket. The white head channels what has become a TaylorMade signature, but the soles looks unlike anything the company has introduced in the U.S.

Crazy Blades—R38 000
Manufactured in part by Tour Spec Golf, Crazy Blades are finished with a copper underlay and black boron. These sleek blades (3-PW) come with Modus3 Tour 125 shafts, limited-edition Tour G grips and a Tour Spec Golf custom paint fill.

Baldo 8C Craft Brassy Fairway Wood—R7 600 (head only)
This 13.5° 3-wood has a 250-cc head designed for play off both the tee and the turf. A toe-weighted sole promotes a fade while a forged cup face aids ball speed and distance.

Modart Custom Grind Wedge—R7 600 each
Hand-ground by Mitsuru Suda, the president of Modart and esteemed master club maker, this forged wedge is cut from a block of the finest Japanese steel. It features a traditional look along with a milled clubface and groove pattern for spin control.

ONOFF Labospec CB358 Driver—R13 700
Designed to produce high launch and low spin rates for maximum distance, the 460-cc CB358 (as its name suggests) is one of only 358 models made. It was designed in collaboration with Shingo Katayama, who used it to win on the JPGA Tour in December.

Modart A60-G CNC Milled Irons—R60 000
The name “Modart” represents a combo of “Modern” and “Art,” and these stunning irons exemplify both. Each club in this set is milled straight from the block to avoid inconsistencies that result from the pressure and heat-filled forging process, and to achieve ultimate feel and forgiveness. The heads are made from S25C steel and feature a thin sole and full cavity-back design.

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