Screaming Orgasm

A sweet & creamy taste...

Smirnoff 1818 shaken with Banana Liqueur, Espresso Liqueur, Amarula, Heavy Cream and Milk.

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Sex On The Beach

As amazing as the name...

Smirnoff 1818 poured over ice with Peach Schnapps, Orange juice and a sink of grenadine.

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Blue Hawaiian

Transport yourself...

Smirnoff 1818 poured over ice with Apple Sours, pineapple juice and a sink of Blue Curacao Liqueur.

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Your Destination


After many travels both far and wide, The East, West and far Northern side.

After the laid back life of the glorious Med, Up with dawn, late to bed.

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Our Philosophy


A herd of buffalo can only move as fast as the slowest buffalo.

And when the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and weakest ones at the back, that are killed first.

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House Rules


Share a basket, one or two, Mix it with another few. Share a basket with your brother, Have another with your mother. However you choose to share, Use your fingers, we don’t care. Enjoy your evening, have loads

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golfThe Golf Coast

is a gem of the South African golfing circuit. The area is also a world class holiday destination, with a warm and sunny year-round climate.

With 9 eighteen hole golf courses and 2 nine hole golf courses all within a short distance of each other, and each offering a wide variety of golfing challenges, The Golf Coast really does stand out as a great golfing destination.

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